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*Notice for MKA Exhibitors ONLY*

Unloading & Loading Dogs at Tropicana Gardens Mall Convention Centre (Level 3A)

Entry to the Convention Centre will open from 8.30am only. Judging starts at 11am.

Large & XXL Dogs
Please follow the signs outside the Mall, to get to LOADING BAY A. You will need to unload your dogs here and use the Cargo Lift to get directly to the Convention Centre. Please look out for the MKA helpers who will guide you. You can only leave your vehicle in Loading Bay A, for a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes.

After unloading, you have to remove your vehicles from the Loading Bay and park in the Mall Car Park. Please watch the video below, to see where to park and how to get up to the Convention Centre at Level 3A, from the Car Park.

The Cargo lift is NOT available to members of the public. ONLY for MKA Exhibitors.

Small & Medium Dogs
All dogs must be in a crate, trolley or carried. They are not allowed to be on leash or free roaming. Please ONLY USE Passenger Lift PL1 which is Dog friendly. The other 2 lifts are not for dogs. Please look at the signs on the lift door, to ensure using the Dog friendly lift.

Please watch the video below, to see how to get into the mall, where to park and how to get up to the Convention Centre at Level 3A from the Car Park.

Do not forget, to only use Lift PL1 – which is marked as Dog Friendly.

The MKA will take action against any members failing to observe these instructions.

Members of the public who wish to enter the Mall with their Dogs, need to follow the Mall instructions which are signposted. Please observe the rules, so the Mall can continue to be Pet Friendly beyond this trial period and also only use the Dog Friendly lift PL1. Kindly clean up after your dogs if they make a mess, or face being fined!

*公告 只限于MKA 参赛者*

关于在Tropicana Gardens Mall Convention Centre (Level 3A) 上载和 卸物件/狗

会议中心仅从上午 8.30 开始开放。

请根据购物中心外的指示牌以前往 A 装卸区。您必须在这里卸下您的犬只和物件,使用货运电梯直接前往会议中心。如有任何疑问,请请示 MKA 员工,他们将为您提供指示。汽车停放在 A 卸货区的时间最多长达 10 分钟。

卸物件与犬只后,汽车必须停放在商场停车场,不能在卸货区停留。请观看以下的视频,了解在哪里停车以及如何从停车场前往位于 3A 层的会议中心。

货运电梯仅限于 MKA 参赛者运用。

所有犬只必须放在宠物运输箱、手推车或抱在怀中。不允许拴着犬只自由走动。请仅使用限于携带犬只的乘客电梯 PL1。禁止携带犬只使用另 2 部电梯。请查看电梯门上的标志,以确保使用只能携带犬只的电梯。
请观看下面的视频,了解如何进入商场、在哪里停车以及如何从停车场前往 3A 层的会议中心。
切记,请仅使用限于携带犬只的乘客电梯 PL1。

MKA 将对任何不遵守这些指示的会员采取行动。

携带宠物犬进入购物中心的公众人士,请务必遵循购物中心的路标指示。请遵守规则,以便在此试用期结束后,购物中心可以继续开放携带宠物,并且仅使用指定于携带犬只的电梯 PL1。请务必在您犬只大便小便后进行清理,否则将面临罚款!