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2015 MKA Show Calendar

Posted on Monday, 24/11/2014 18:51

18th January 2015 – All Breeds Shows (2)

14 & 15th March – FCI & APAC Shows (4)

18th & 19th April – East Malaysia Shows (4)

24th May - All Breeds Shows (2)

2nd August - All Breeds Shows (2)

18th, 19th & 20th September – FCI & APAC Shows (6)

10th & 11th October - East Malaysia Shows (4)

Order of Judging for MKA Shows on 23rd November 2015

Posted on Thursday, 20/11/2014 15:37

Concourse Area – SS2 Mall, PJ

Entry for exhibitors is STRICTLY through the Loading Bay!!!
Venue is Open from 7.15am.

Ring A - Mrs. Peggy Guitterez - Otero(Mexico)
Order of Judging - MP, G2, G3, G1 * G4, G6, G7, G5

Ring B - Mr. Wayne Douglas (Australia)
Order of Judging - MP, G4, G6, G7, G5 * G3, G2, G1

9.00 am - Commencement of Judging - Minor puppy to be judged in Ring A

9.45am - Minor puppy to be judged in Ring B

Group Judging in both rings will only commence after completion of Minor Puppy.

Lunch break* of 30 mins will be at the same time in both rings.

Amendment to MKA Rally Obedience Rule 2.7

Posted on Monday, 17/11/2014 17:24

Amendment to MKA Rally Obedience Rule 2.7

The MKA has agreed to relax Rule 2.7 requiring a dog which has obtained two (2) Novice certificates to move up & be able to do the next level i.e. the Advanced A level. The two certificates can be from the same judge or two (2) different judges.

Rationale for this relaxation is because the MKA is not able to invite as many judges over for MKA Rally trials and thus when a Rally judge is invited, the judge will be able to judge two (2) trials on the same day, at two separate trials. Novice certificates obtained from the same judge but at different trials organised for the day will be allowed to be counted as having met the conditions for advancement to the next level.

Notwithstanding this relaxation, a participant will still be allowed to secure two (2) Novice certificates from two (2) different judges before moving to the next level, if he/she so decides.

Please also take note that the following rules have been modified due to typographical errors.

On p.g. 13, para 3

On p.g. 15, Appendix A - Clause 4.

Upcoming Events for November 2014

Posted on Tuesday, 04/11/2014 00:34

Date: 22 November 2014
Venue: Ground Floor Atrium, SS2 Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Judge: Mr. Brian Fielder (Australia)
Click here to download Entry Form.

3TH & 4TH MKA MERADOG Rally Obedience Trial
Judge: Mr. Brian Fielder (Australia)
Click here to download Entry Form.

Date: 23 November 2014
Venue: Ground Floor Atrium, SS2 Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Judge: Mrs. Peggy Guitterez-Otero (Mexico)
Click here to download Entry Form.

Judge: Mr. Wayne Douglas (Australia)
Click here to download Entry Form.

Changes Update On 79TH MKA Obedience Trial

Posted on Saturday, 11/10/2014 19:57

Due to unforeseen circumstances the date of the MKA Obedience Trial in Ipoh is changed from 19th October 2014 to 26th October 2014. Venue, Judge, Start time, etc remain unchanged. Entries will now be open until Monday 20th October 2014. Apologies for the inconvenience.